World First 3D Gesture Sensor with AI Accelerator

KaiKuTek’s solution for gesture recognition and 3D tracking achieves high resolution, low power, low cost and small form factor simultaneously by employing FMCW radar, dedicated hardware radar DSP, and custom AI accelerator.  Our radar sensor has lowest power consumption to date by using advanced CMOS technology, innovative MMIC architecture, and circuit design techniques.  We can achieve, in theory, 0.3mm radial distance resolution with our special radar DSP.  In addition, our dedicated AI Accelerator is tailored to our unique Deep Learning Algorithm specially designed for gesture recognition.  This combination DSP and AI Accelerator allows our whole digital processing chain to operate at less than 5mW fully on.  With our special Antenna-on Package (AoP) or Antenna-in-Package (AiP) design and very few external BOM, KaiKuTeK’s integrated solution achieves a small form factor and enables easy adaption in various systems and provides exciting opportunities for customers.  Unlike ToF based solution, KaiKuTek’s solution is very cost effective.  In addition, in situation privacy is a concern, KaiKuTeK’s non-camera-based solution provides total user protection against hacking