About KaiKuTeK

KaiKuTeK is a radar sensing integrated circuit design company located in Taipei, Taiwan. It was founded in 2017 and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of JMicron Technology in 2020. KaiKuTeK specializes in radar sensing, AI technology, antenna design and gesture recognition technology. The radar sensing technology provides customers with various needs around the world with sensor-side computing solution.

Our solution achieves high resolution, low power consumption, low cost and small form factor through the usage of highly integrated radar transceivers, AoP design and AI accelerator.
KaiKuTeK expects to provide consumers with a faster, more intuitive, and more convenient user experience by providing new ways of human-computer interface.
We are always committed to follow the latest development in innovative technologies, and we will never stop investing in cutting-edge technologies to meet the status quo, and will strive to provide excellent products through reliable and innovative technological development.


Our Vision

KaiKuTeK expects to use the advantages of radar and AI technology to realize seamless integration of industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, Internet of Things and other equipments around the world and to enable existing and future radar sensing applications with sensor-side computing and intelligent perception capabilities to further improve user experiences.


Our Social and Environmental Responsibility

KaiKuTeK supports only the use of conflict-free minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and avoids the use of "conflict minerals" by suppliers and subcontractors. This is one of KaiKuTeK's procurement policies in order to fulfill the social and environmental responsibilities of a good corporate citizen .

Our Value

Our Milestone



KaiKuTeK is committed to the research, development and design of products that integrate radar sensing and AI-related technologies. We will continue to provide customers with the best and most efficient solutions, with reliable support and the latest technologies to achieve long-term, win-win business cooperations. If you have any questions about our products, please leave a message through the link below or call us, we will reply you as soon as possible, thank you!