Traditional human-computer interface is accomplished by means of input devices such as keyboard and mouse. Recent studies have shown that increasingly, hand/finger gesture recognition is becoming attractive in many applications including human-computer interface, and KaiKuTeK is committed to this development using mmWave radar.

The operation of wearable devices has long been limited by the small available surface area. KaiKuTeK's radar sensor is housed in a tiny AoP, suitable for integration into wearable devices with limited space. In addition, KaiKuTeK’s sensors make full usage of 60GHz millimeter waves characteristics that accurate detection of minute movement at a short distance is feasible with low power consumption, making KaiKuTeK’s sensors the most suitable solution for wearable devices.

Using matured CMOS technology, KaiKuTeK has successfully integrated millimeter wave radar, antenna, AI accelerator, DSP, and microprocessor into a single chip running Machine Learning algorithm.

Due to this high level of integration, K60168 has a simplified design flow with not only shortened design cycle but also reduced overall BOM cost. Our radar sensor’s high resolution and permeability broaden the range of application which traditional sensor technologies cannot reach. Most sensor solutions in the market do not offer built-in AI accelerator. Data collected by the sensor will need to be sent to high performance CPU/ MCU or even the cloud to do the necessary computing, and wearable devices cannot content with this kind of power consumption nor latency especially when immediate response is required as an interface device. That is why K60168-M is the perfect solution for gesture control for wearable devices.

Solutions for Gesture Recognition


  • K60168-M Product Brief V1.01