Millimeter-wave sensing is most commonly used to effectively detect and manage targets in various applications. Compared with traditional sensor’s technologies, it possesses the advantages for high resolution, low-power consumption and insensitivity to bad weather condition.

KaiKuTeK's millimeter-wave products allow you to give your products intelligent sensing capabilities in the selected usage scenarios.

With the strength of high resolution, low-power consumption and insensitivity to weather factors, our solution is widely used in applications such as occupancy detection, smart home, smart appliances such as air conditioners, smart locks for parking lot, and general object sensing /auto-activation.

KaiKuTeK’s K60168-P, which integrates MCU, DSP, AI accelerator and antenna (1T3R) in a chip with very small AoP, provides you a very small form factor (6.5mm x 6mm) and low power consumption (about 24mW in operation mode). Furthermore, through effective space usage, it can be designed into many end products for various applications requiring intelligent sensing.

Since millimeter-wave sensing is not affected by environmental factors such as light, dust and humidity, when deployed in the field, one does not need to adjust the settings in accordance to environmental factors. The only thing one needs to focus on is how to design excellent end products based on specific usage scenarios. Let KaiKuTeK's give you a more effective sensing solution.

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  • K60168-P Product Brief V1.01