KaiKuTeK's object tracking technology is often used to track people, animals or moving objects in a specific sensing environment.

With this technology, one’s end product is able to implement object’s motion detection and later can use such data for statistical analysis per application need.

Practical applications for tracking are counting number of people in conference room, counting number of people in different regions in the retail store, and tracking people in smart home. Through millimeter-wave sensing technology provided by KaiKuTeK’s K60168, it is possible to pinpoint the location of object and calculate its movement trajectory for indoor scenario and to achieve the functionality of both object sensing and tracking.

Compared to other indoor sensing technologies, KaiKuTeK's K60168-P surpass others with its 1D, 2D, and 3D trajectory tracking capabilities utilizing the 1T3R antenna design.

The radar is capable to determine moving trajectory of people, and it provides data for statistical analysis on the number of people and their trajectories. In addition, unlike camera-based solutions, it does so without compromising user’s privacy.

Solutions for Radar Sensing


  • K60168-P Product Brief V1.01