The vital sign sensing for heartbeat and respiration by KaiKuTeK K60168 millimeter-wave AoP product provides a practical solution for applications that need to determine heart rate and breathing conditions.

With our K60168 solution, one can detect and analyze human heartbeat and respiratory rate for vital sign sensing application.

K60168's millimeter-wave vital sign sensing solution has the advantage of small chip size, high resolution and low sensitivity to environmental factors.

In practice, it is generally applied in the following applications:
- Long-Term Care (LTC)
- Smart Home Care
- Detection for Sleep Quality
- Detection for In-vehicle Driver Fatigue

K60168 is a small size chip (6.5mm x 6mm) and contains heartbeat and respiration sensing algorithm with high accuracy. We provide different solutions (KaiKuTeK algorithm for heartbeat and respiration or SDK kit) under multiple interfaces, such as I2C/GPIO/SPI/UART for custom product development.

It allows one to effectively design and develop heartbeat and respiration detection functionality.

Solutions for Radar Sensing


  • K60168-P Product Brief V1.01